VPAC is pleased to offer the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine now to our patients 12 years and older. We are offering it to our patients only, not to adult family members or to other members of the community.  The Pfizer vaccine is currently approved for age 12+; please only sign up your child if they are a patient of ours who will be at least 12 on the date of the first shot. Please keep in mind when you are signing up that a second dose will be needed 21 days later; as a first-dose recipient in our practice you will have priority for sign-ups for scheduling the second dose, and we will contact you about that after you receive your first vaccine.

Please PRINT OUT AND COMPLETE AND BRING WITH YOU the VPAC COVID-19 Consent Form from our website and read the COVID Pfizer VIS fact sheet as well as the CDC allergic reaction information link before coming in for the shot appointment.  It is important that you bring the completed consent along and that a parent/guardian come along to the shot visits for any 12-17 year old patients to sign for the vaccine in the office as well; 18+ can sign for themselves.  

We know there is a lot of eagerness to receive this vaccine and that our available doses are limited so far; we are doing our best to contribute to the vaccine effort with the doses we receive.  No walk-ins or add-ons will be allowed (even with a non-shot appointment on a given day; we don't have extra doses), and please do NOT call our office about this vaccine; this online sign-up is our only way to schedule these doses.  We expect to receive additional doses in upcoming weeks, but if you don't receive one of our spots and can receive vaccine elsewhere in the meantime, please do not hesitate--get all eligible family members protected!  Thank you for your understanding and patience as we do our part to help try to end this pandemic.